Judy Hudson, Artist

I've always believed that everything happens for a reason and that trust, in yourself, and in whatever higher power you embrace, is vital in life.  Creating is my way of communicating with the energy of the Universe.  It is my form of meditation and centering, of getting in touch with my emotions and feelings.

It is also my belief that EVERYONE has the power to become creative, in some manner, with encouragment and positive reinforcement.  Teaching new skills and motivating others is an important part of my work as an artist and human being.

I approach art intuitively, allowing for a very organic and sensuous approach, and a feeling of free-flowing movement.  Layered textures and rich, bold colors are exciting and always present in abundance.

John P Weiss

"The joy of being an artist is that we can do more than simply carry our pain, anger and loss.  We can channel it into something more.  We can plumb our own melancholy and longing and shape something beautiful out of it.  Something that will affect others, soothe or inspire them.

In a broken world where there is so much suffering, war and despair, thank God there are artists.  To remind us that the other side of all that ugliness is beauty and hope."

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