It's been a long and winding road (cue The Beatles) to get to this place in my journey.  Art was not a part of my childhood, or young adulthood, for that matter.  A few crafty moments every now and then but always back to the love that consumed the first half of my life - music.  As it always happens in life, things change. Doors close and windows open.  All beginnings come from endings. So it was with me.  My hearing deteriorated and I found myself unable to continue making music.  After quite an identity crisis, I realized that I could not continue without a passion in my life and I began exploring art and rescuing cats (another story for another day). 


Two events pointed me in the right direction.  The discovery of Trading Spaces on TLC and a friend loaning me a book on elementary art projects. Every room in my house was painted and repainted at least twice in bizarre combinations as I ventured into the world of color. My inner child was allowed to come out and play as I worked my way through the book of small and simple projects.  Eventually I stumbled across stained glass mosaics and I fell in love.  Without trying one single thing, I bought tools and glass and jumped in. 


Mosaics taught me quite a bit about art, even though I could not have explained what it was I learned back then. Playing with grout and wildly varying tesserae sparked my ongoing obsession with texture. Combining hues of glass and ceramic tiles fed my love of color. Mosaics led me back to teaching, this time in art. With no formal education in visual arts, I had much to learn and luckily, I found that a wonderful experience. Being an Art Educator has introduced me to so many mediums and techniques - a whole world that I never knew existed.  The only thing I can compare it to is being a kid in a candy store.  I want it all!  


In the past few years, I have tried so many different things but I keep coming back to texture and color and I suppose that's where my heart rests in its happy place.  Life is good and art is awesome!

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